We offer several classes to learn more about beekeeping. Classes can be geared towards a more hands on setting, including suits and opening an active hive, or we can gear towards a classroom setting, with a presentation and an observation hive. Either way, class participants get to see inside an active beehive! We can also offer more in-depth, one-on-one sort of classes at our apiary or yours!

Open-Hive Classes - $45

This class is the middle ground for a beginner that wants to get some real hands on experience. Hosted at a local farm and feed store, we offer a 2 hour lecture/Q&A in a very casual, family friendly environment. Then we suit up and open an active colony for a thorough inspection! Suits and gloves are provided for class participants. Please call or email to inquire about group discounts! (Participants will be asked to sign a waiver the day of the class).

Classroom Setting - $200

This class is designed usually for smaller kids (preferably 6-10 age range). We have a presentation that talks about the inner workings of a beehive, and provide a glass observation hive for viewing of the bees. We’ve done this class for day cares, elementary schools, birthday parties, and public interest venues. It’s usually about 1..5 hrs. The class can be customized. Please call or email for specifics on the class you want catered towards your audience.

On-Site Classes - $100

This is a more detailed class, at your apiary or mine. It starts at $100 minimum for up to 1 hr on location. $75/hr after that. Designed for 2-3 people typically to ensure everyone can get around the hive and get adequate time with the instructor for maximum benefit. We understand it may seem like a lot of money, but will work with you extensively prior to the class to ensure we don’t waste time the day of. I’ve performed this class/service to several folks, usually beginners, who set up a hive and then neglected it out of fear or uncertainty of what they needed to do. Please call or email for more detail on how we can help you!