I do sell bees! I actually will sell bees year round, but only if the hive is strong enough and the weather permits, and I have one available to sell. I also sell loose bees in a box for people interested apitherapy. 


Colonies for Sale

At times I do sell nucs when I have one that is in good condition and is extra. Right now I try to keep my apiary around 25 colonies, so anything beyond that is up for discussion. I always sell them as a nuc, but do offer 2 options:

5 Frame Nuc in 5 Frame Box - $300 (subject to $15 rebate) - I sell true 5 frame nucs. I caution the buyer one others who may market a 5 frame nuc that's really only 4 frames and a feeder. It's nothing personal, just a point. Make sure you know what you are getting! Also, my nucs are grown and sold in fully wooden equipment. This means if you want, you can keep them in the 5 frame box, and just add more 5 frame boxes. If you'd rather transfer them over to an 8 or 10 frame setup, and don't want to keep my box, I will buy it back for $15. Often times folks wish to keep them for swarm traps, or for a split or whatever. But if you don't want it, I'm happy to take it back!

5 Frame Nuc in a 10 Frame Setup - $375 - Some folks wish to save the effort of moving bees over once home. In this case, I can set up the nuc for you, in a 10 frame setup. This will include a solid bottom board, 5 frames of bees and brood, 5 new frames with Rite-Cell foundation, inner  cover and telescoping outer cover. I have found this is a good middle ground between a nuc and a full strength hive. Save yourself the hassle of moving them over once home, and the hassle of returning my box later. This also offers a bit of time to get used to your bees as they fill out that box before having to add a hive body. 


Bees for Sale - $20

I do offer loose bees for sale as mentioned above. Bring your bee box, and I'll knock 100+ bees into for you. I try not to get drones (and obviously not the queen). Currently I have one client participating in this deal. We have a good arrangement. She leaves the bee box with the money on my porch. I get the bees and notify her when they are ready for pickup. 

Apitherapy has been proven to be beneficial in several different instances. I AM NOT A DOCTOR, AND THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE. Always consult with your doctor and allergist before attempting a self remedy such as apitherapy. It has been shown to be beneficial in treating:

  • Lyme Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Shingles
  • Nerve Disorders
  • and many more...

My extremely basic understanding of most types of apitherapy, is that it doesn't necessarily attack the disease, but rather teaches your body to up it's own immunity game to help fight off the disease. Introduction of bee venom into the body causes the normal reaction of localized redness and swelling. This occurs until the body can generate it's own antibodies to counteract the venom. This stimulation of the immune system can sometimes trigger added benefits to fighting off other diseases.