This is a placeholder page for Brueggen Family Farms. If you’re interested in becoming a potential customer, please fill out the form below, and we will get back to you ASAP. We are just starting out, trying to build a client list. Please be patient. We look forward to serving you.

A brief summary of what to expect (prices subject to change):


Local Honey

$8/lb. Our honey can’t be beat! Harvested only once a year, it’s dominated by the Chinese Tallow tree, but carries subtleties of other floral sources from all year. Fresh, local, raw, and unadulterated! No two jars are exactly alike!


Goat Milk Soap

$5/bar. Made by the very hands that milked the goats! This soap is delightful. Unique scents to entertain your senses. And leaves the skin oh so soft! You won’t regret the use. We have “manly” scents too!


Pastured Eggs

$6/dz. Don’t let just the shell color fool you! Brown eggs can come from factory farms too! What matters is the yolk color. Deep rich orange yolks, bursting with flavor. Birds are allowed to roam freely on pasture, and moved often to ensure a clean, healthy environment, and ample variety of forage. The fence is to protect them, not really contain them.

Forest Pork.jpg

Forested Pork

Price TBD (by order only). It’s all in the name. Our pigs are rotated through forested paddocks, allowing them always a fresh banquet of new forage to explore, without destroying the land through concentration. Yes, they are still fattened on corn to deliver a tender, juicy product. But the extra flavors gained from their natural environment can’t be matched by factory raised pork. Active, healthy, and happy pigs make for the best possible pork chop!

boman beef.jpg

Grass Fed Beef

Price TBD (by order only). That’s right! ALL GRASS FED BEEF!! Grass finished as well. You won’t find a better more wholesome cut of beef. Raised on the lush prairies of southwest MO, we go out of our way to bring this wonderful beef to you. It’s the only beef we eat! Grass fed and grass finished is hard to find.

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