1 day after all my queen cells should have emerged, I checked the results. The caged virgin from 2 days ago was still alive and well in her cage. I had 5 more that had emerged safely, and 4 that did not. I opened one and found a more or less rotting larva, so no surprise. But the second I peeled open looked like a queen that could have emerged the next day. They should not be this far behind, but who knows, so I placed them back in the colony. If the virgins are not out today, I will discard the cells. 

The mated queen that was caged in the finisher colony was released two days ago when I caged the queen cells. She was out and about looking good, and had already laid up almost an entire frame in eggs. 

So as it stands currently, I have 6 virgin queens to make splits with. And only 5 to place, as I already have one queenless split made up. I hope to make the splits and allocate all the virgins this evening. 

End results, out of 20 grafts made, 17 of them stayed on the frame (other JZBZ cell cups fell out of the slot). 10 cells were raised and fed, and 6 emerged. Overall just a hair over 25% success. That's pretty crappy in my book, considering I've had near 100% success in the past with a 30+ graft. Of course that was way more queens than I needed back then, so most went to waste. But for now it's OK. I think a half dozen splits is about all I can make anyway, so I'm content. 

AuthorTom Brueggen